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Where will you be Black Friday shopping this year? Add yourself to interactive map!


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Where will you be doing your Black Friday shopping this year?   What city/town and state?  If you are in a metropolitan area, what shopping area do you plan to go to?  How far (distance or time) is this from your home?  


I have created a map in Google Maps where you can pin your shopping location.  Click the following link to access:   https://mapsengine.google.com/map/edit?mid=zUnZpeEjK4QE.kMntm4dhOm_k


Place a marker on the map by clicking on the upside down teardrop in the menu at the top center of the map.  Please put your Forum Name on the title for the marker and add comments if you wish.  Be sure to zoom in to place your marker accurately.  Please DO NOT touch the "All Items" group in the legend as this could cause you to move or delete all the markers.


Below is the most recent view of the map (updated 10/16/2013).  (The image below isn't directly linked, so you won't see your mark here until I update this image, but you can see it on the Google map site.)





I will be shopping in the "Nassau Hub" area of Nassau County, Long Island, New York.  That's about 17 miles / 20 minutes from my home in Queens, New York City.  :D



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I will be in Chesapeake, Virginia mostly. Maybe some in Virginia Beach and Norfolk. I live in NC but this is the closest shopping area and my parents live in Chesapeake. The family gathers there for Thanksgiving.


We are hoping to get together a few days ahead of time to figure out a plan thanks to the ads on GottaDeal. We want to enjoy as much of Thanksgiving as possible.

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