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CompUSA Midnight Madness sale


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Looks like CompUSA will be having a midnight madness sale Wednesday, Nov 23. Here's what I got from Slickdeals:


$250 Gift Card w/ AOL Sign up.

Look on page 1 for the terms. They have a $15/mo plan, so 12 x $15 = $180 total. You're getting paid $70 to sign up.

Hitachi 500GB HD Free w/ AOL Sign up (Your cost: $180)

Hawking 802.11G Wireless Router $5AR

Hawking 802.11G Wireless Adapter $5AR

Free 100pk 4x6 Kodak Paper (No rebate)


Ad is posted on CompUSA's site. http://www.compusa.com/specials/mmadness_tg05/34863_MMadness.pdf

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Centon 512MB Memory Modules - $29.99 NO REBATES!


If you're willing to do the AOL deal, the eMachines Sempron 3100+ desktop with 256MB, and 100GB HD for $90 AR is interesting.


Edit - I did want to note that in other AOL specials like this, it has been a 12 month requirement at the $23.99/mo. price. I know this ad doesn't mention that particular requirement, but just so you know ahead of time it may have been left out accidently. Note that they left in the "OR IF YOU SWITCH TO ANOTHER PRICE PLAN BEFORE THE END OF YOUR COMMITMENT" part in there.

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