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Secret Santa 2012 Official Discussion Thread


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I got 2 more boxes today...1 had a green star ornament and a multi color ball ornament.....the 2nd had a wonderful Thomas Kinkade ornament and Some delicious home baked cookies ...perfect for our outing to see the Santa Train with the kids and grandbabies ....Thank you so very much Merry Christmas !!
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Received my package over a week ago and have finally gotten pictures uploaded and I see I didn't get them sized correctly. In the package was an angel, a soft pretty blue bag with Angel written on it, a prejtty box that I can use the lid as a phote frame and inside the box was a snowman ornament, and a lighted ornament with a nativity scene inside.






Thank you so much but I couldn't read the name (looked like it was smeared with maybe water).

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Got my ornament today.:D Thank you so much. There were two Hallmark ornaments one was a wreath with "Feliz Navidad 2012" and the other was a measuring cup ornament. They are so cute. There were two recipes also hiding in the card one for blueberry pie and the other for peanut butter fudge. Thank you so much. I will post pictures later.
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Thank you SS. After doing some hunting down of the package, the desk clerk had forgotten to inform me that a package was here for me:g_think:

I love my gift! I got some of my favorite candy-Laffy Taffy filled in a cup; a holiday throw- kitchen towel and mitt; brownie mix kit; cozy socks; and coloring books, crayons, and hot wheel cars for my boys. Thanks so much!!!

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Based on postings and me checking the tracking numbers, all SS's except 1 has received. Neither the sender or receiver of the 1 SS in question has been online in 3 weeks so I'm gonna quit worrying about that one. As for OE, all OE's have received except one and that sender gave me an expected ship date, never have me tracking info and hasn't responded to queries over the last few days so an elf is in the works and that one should be on it's way tomorrow!!!!!!


As such, I should be able to post names the day after Christmas once everyone has opened (and if the OE elf makes it by then)!! HAVE A GREAT WEEK AND THANK YOU ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

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Thanks again to Packergurl!


I want to say a HUGE BIG Thank You to my SS :) The gifts were lovely and not at all battered by my shaking earlier to try to decipher what it was. Bella's collar matched perfectly with a leash I bought at PetSmart(maybe?) a few weeks ago and at the time I was bummed because they had OTHER disney collars but not the matching Jack :P

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Thank you Diana I opened my SS packages this morning. The movie is one I wanted to see, the socks are too cute as is the ornament. My Dh loves peanuts so your card went over we'll. the candleholder and snuffer are cute (I had to read to figure out the snuffer) and the dark chocolate was perfect. You did a great job. Merry Christmas to you and you family
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The names are up!!


Secret Santa

Allshoppedout received from mcapel4444

Beccasbank received from naenae248

Bopeep received from Jstluvem

Caitlinn received from Cassy

Cassy received from npg

Dealluvr received from beccasbank

Flychild7 received from Racerfan

Gatorburg received from jenvargas

Guilliam received from Illinoismom

Harrizpizza4 received from Lorie

HillBillyswife received from mallard854

Hockeyfanamo received from lilquiet

Illinoismom received from tokanm

Jendeere received from nikkilugi

Jenvargas received from hockeyfanamo

Jstluvem received from vern28

Krissy72 received from willandmel

Lilquiet received from youngjhawk

Lis415529 received from rsthayer

Lori76 received from Spice9195

Lorie received from HillBillyswife

Mallard854 did not receive from caitlinn but received from racerfan and packergurl24

Mcapel4444 received from Momlori

Momlori received from allshoppedout

Momof3luvs1 received from pogiporkchop

Msyves received from Jendeere

Naenae248 received from Tammy9880

Nafcmf received from Lori76

Nikkilugi received from Bopeep

Npg received from gatorburg

Pogiporkchop received from pretweety7

Pretweety7 received from Lis415529

Racerfan received from tinkrbel

Raven20_79 received from guilliam

Rsthayer received from flychild7

Sbaldasare received from SuggaD

Shaneberry21 received from harrispizza4

Speeddiva received from shaneberry21

Spice9195 received from msyves

SuggaD received from dealluvr

Tammy9880 received from krissy72

Tinkrbel received from momof3luvs1

Tokanm received from nafcmf

Vern28 received from sbaldasare

Willandmel received from speeddiva

Youngjhawk received from raven20_79



Ornament Exchange

Beccasbank received from sbaldasare

Bfaddict716 received from Mandy4Matt

Blessedmamax7 received from lilquiet

Bopeep received from Illinoismom

Caitlinn received from SuggaD

Flychild7 received from nikkilugi

HillBillyswife received from tokanm

Hockeyfanamo received from mcapel4444

Illinoismom received from vern28

Jenvargas received from nafcmf

Jstluvem did not receive from caitlinn but received from pogiporkchop and momlori (and I think one other person but I didn’t save my excel correctly so announce yourself!)

Lilquiet received from Bopeep

Lis415529 received from Jstluvem

Mandy4matt received from pogiporkchop

Mcapel4444 received from bfaddict716

Naenae248 received from flychild7

Nafcmf received from Swampbaby

Nikkilugi received from naenae248

Pogiporkchop received from rsthayer

Racerfan did not receive from Blessedmamax7 but received from packergurl24

Rsthayer received from HillBillyswife

Sbaldasare received from willandmel

Shaneberry21 received from beccasbank

SuggaD received from Lis415529

Swampbaby received from Racerfan

Tokanm received from shaneberry21

Vern28 received from jenvargas

Willandmel received from hockeyfanamo



Thanks for a great year everyone!! And thanks for your help Elves! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! :gd_partyu:2wiggle::thumbsup:

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