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Holiday Gift Set Value Bundle (Choose 2) From $12 Walmart.com 40 choose from


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Thanks, but it's telling me that with both IE and Firefox... I go to log-in on using firefox and it tells me Sorry!

Our site is temporarily unavailable. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and thank you for your patience.


With IE I just get the never ending updating spinning symbol... uugghh!!

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I FINALLY got it. It wasn't the link, it was walmarts website. It was all messed up earlier, for me anyway.

It definitely wasn't just you! :) The link worked perfectly for me all day, but it wasn't until I switched to Firefox that I could actually purchase anything. Glad you finally got it to work for you, though!!

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I got my order yesterday and was a little disappointed... I got my son the star wars mugs with hot chocolate and got my husband the variety of hot sauces. The box arrived yesterday and at least one of the hot sauce bottles was broken, it was all over the bottom of the box and the packaging. Off to Walmart I will go later this morning. uugghhh...
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