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12 Step Program


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1st step...get thru christmas


2nd...start the 11 month countdown (may even be less in some cases) for the next black friday period


3rd...make list of things you NEED ..and check them off as you get them throughout the year...then whats left is what you will want to get on BF '06;m the list will get longer as the year progresses of course


4th ....make a wishlist of what you WANT...same as step 3..


5th...budget money for potential spending for BF '06 with a christmas club, savings, or some other investment now!


6th...keep checking gottadeal.com for extra special deals and heads up of sales coming up throughout the year...i.e Best buy bucks and Monopoly


7th...breathe in and out


8th...is it black friday time yet?


9 same as step 8


10....find resources so you can get ads leaked..or some kind of heads up


11....keep refreshing gottadeal.com to see if anything new appears


12...keep saying black friday '06 is coming..its coming.(counting today...374 days)


thought i had to post something...lol

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