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Deal for Ipod touch?

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my dd is really wanting anIpod touch.....so I thought if I could find a good deal maybe she might find one in her easter basket.....I have looked but not coming up with much...most over $200 and I dont want to put that much in one for 9yr old.....so can you all help me find something...Thanks
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If you want a new instead of refurb, they are on sale at Best Buy this week for $187.99 for 8gb.


I just got one from Woot for my son's birthday. Breaks my heart as we are not an iPod family. We all have had Zunes for years and years (we've had at least 1 of each gen), and we all have Windows Phones. However, we also have an iPad, and when his Kindle stopped working a few weeks ago, we let him take the iPad to school because his book they were studying for English was on there. He got attached to it, and started asking for an iPad for his birthday. Turns out he really was just interested in the games. He was playing with his friends and their iPods, plus after tests they are allowed to play on iPods, but not phones, which is where all his music and games were. So this will be basically just for game playing, so I'm thrilled to find a deal on it.

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