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Pinterest-I need an invite to this site..please


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So pinterest allows you to "pin" websites/links/pictures onto your "boards." I have boards set up right now for books, crafts, recipes, and the default ones they have set up for you. You can also "share" your boards with other users, so you can see what other people have pinned.


I like it because I'm using it to save things I find on the internet in ONE place instead of e-mailing myself forty different things and trying to organize them later.


It can be super helpful if you're planning a wedding or large event - pin inspiration pieces in one place, and others can check them out.

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I use it as a great recipe keeper... I have found the most diverse recipes on there, I "pin" them to my board to have them. I have made quite a few and have only been on a short time. I really enjoy the website to just kill time... I do wish I would have know about this website when I got married a few months ago.
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