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How Far Do You Have To Travel on BF


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We're quite rural.....a Wal-Mart is about 20 minutes away, but there is nothing else except an Office Max in that town. So, we have a choice of an hour trip to Savannah or an hour-an-a-half to Augusta. We always choose Augusta because of the greater number and variety of stores vs. Savannah....Augusta has a CompUSA, a larger BB, a larger Circuit City, a better Sears, a much better mall, and on and on.


The Augusta BB, which is one store we always seem to have one of us camping outside, manages its BF crowds much better than any other store we've seen. They block off the front doors with shopping carts, leaving a two-or-three person wide lane open from the front door down the sidewalk. The BF campers line up along this aisle that's been created. The shopping carts effectively block the front doors off from line jumpers, that and the cops that are at the door every year. They also provide hot coffee and chocolate and donuts to those lucky enough to be close to the door.....they run out before they get far back.

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