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Developmentally Appropriate Toys


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I think you are asking for specific toy suggestions, I am posting store suggestions - hopefully someone will come around and offer better/more toy specific suggestions for his age. If he was older I could offer them, but my oldest didn't deal with sensory issues at that age. Good luck!


Toys R Us has a section online for Differently-Abled Kids - linked. They also have a special toy catalog for differently-abled kids - my local TRU has them availabe on the same stand that other ads are on. However, you could probably call your local store and ask if and where they keep them. I used to get the ad in the mail also, I'm not sure how to sign up for it again, but I know it's available. This is a GREAT toy guide for ideas.


If you search 'Sensory Toys' on Amazon, you will also get a good list of great suggestions.


Another good store:


They offer FREE Shipping on everything!

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Make sure you check out their clearance section.



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