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Moderators- Can we do this??


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Hi Moderators,

Can we make a list of items that we can get price matching on BF day?/


I mean we know that Walmart , Sears, BB and CC -PM.


So if we know somehting that is on special on Walmart, and we know that same items in available in Sears.


Example- Leapfrog Leappad will be on sale for $25 on BF. and it is available in Sears. So I can get a PM.


That way make a list of all items which are available in any store (like Target or Kohls etc) and in a store that price matches.


So we have a comprehensive ideas of things that we can PM form everywhere.


Is it possible? What do u think?/


I hope I have made myself clear.




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If you have a Meijer store in your area they also price match. And their lines usually aren't too long on BF. I got quite a bit of my stuff their last year.

Last year on BF the lines at the store here went back to the back of the store! I had my cart full and when I saw the lines and nobody making any progress, I took my daughter out of the cart and went to Walmart. I just left the cart sitting in the clothing dept. I love Meijer and shop there all the time but unless they improve things this year, I'm not going near the place unless they have something nobody else has.

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Meijer is open 24 hours and tons of people put the stuff in their carts and drive around until the BF sale starts and head for the cashier

I wonder if you could do this at Walgreens? I am hoping to get out of WalMart no later than 5:45 so maybe if we got to Walgreen's at 6 we could get it in our cart? Anyone know? I have never gotten there before 7 because of Walmart.
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