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Official Black Friday HDTV Discussion Thread


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Ok so here's my question... I noticed that the $199 Sharp at Best Buy is actually listed on their website now. At $499 "coming soon" and it's 60hz.


Do you think it will end up being available online Thursday and if so, is the price low enough to warrant buying it even though it's not 120hz?


Of course money is tight, whose isn't? But I would love to get my husband a new tv for his birthday. We mostly watch regular TV and occasional sports.


I actually have this same tv and love it.. Watch sports all the time mostly all i watch. 9 out of 10 stars i give this tv.

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My aunt just asked me to find a decent 40-42" for their college age son...


Any thoughts on that?


I'm late to the game...


Prefer to grab one that we can get online. Seems the best deal so far is the 40" LCD from Sam's.


I'm kind of holding out to see what Newegg drops tonight...

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