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Need Gift Ideas


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It really depends on their likes but some ideas are


last year when my dd was 8 she wanted littlest pet shop, monster high, hello kitty things

my dd 5 now wants dora, fancy nancy and minnie mouse things ( also a big justin bieber fan)

your ddson might like disney cars, they have so many cute things for medium playsets or just cars. imaginext is also great for this age and toys r us is doing this week only if you buy 50 dollars in preschool toys you get a free kids tough camera which is great for a 5 year old boy or girl


almost 1 year old..anything fischer price learning...


hope that helps

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My DD is 8 also. She still loves Barbies, and Polly Pockets but she really wants the LIV girls this year. Besides toys she has asked for lil pillow pets, a bean bag chair, and boots. I am thinking of getting her the Barbie fashion design portfolio (saw at Target $19.99)


I have an almost 2 year old nephew and DGS , they like blocks, cars that fit into their hands (small ones) books. I think they would like the FP or LT basketball set or maybe the bowling sets too.


For the almost 1 year old maybe the Leap Frog Violet, I plan to get one for my newest DGD (due anytime).


The 5 year olds may like to have some of the same things, Radio control cars (You can get them in boy or girl colors) Soccer set with their own ball, two sided easel (sp?) with paints or markers. Hotwheels or matchbox cars with a case for him, Polly pockets for her.

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I'm not sure how long it will last, but my DD8 and her 8-9 year old friends are really into Monster High Dolls. They do come apart fairly easily though, so I'm not sure if it's a good toy in your house. She'd have to put them away so they don't get broken or the little ones don't put small pieces in their mouths. My daughter's whole 3rd grade class is addicted to the "Diary of a Whimpy Kid" books so we might get some of those. I am thinking of giving my DD a guitar (she wants to learn to play an intrument), some music for her MP3, a movie (Alice in Wonderland?), a game(Cranium?), and maybe some craft stuff (bracelet making kit?). My kids also love Legos but then, again, there are lots of small pieces.


What does your DS5 like? Is there a sport he likes? Maybe he would like a football (or scoccer ball, baseball, basketball, etc.) and/or a jersey. Does he have his share of cars, planes, trains, and dinosaurs? My DS just turned 5. He said that he wanted transformers for his birthday. He got some, but he hasn't even played with them yet. The gifts he was most excited about were more trains and track for his existing Thomas set, the "baby dinos" (Playskool Kota and Pals Hatchling, he already had one and was thrilled to get 2 more), and - most of all - a plastic Toy Story snack bowl and water bottle set (his sister got a princess one for snack at school and he wanted one soooo bad). For Christmas he'll probably be getting a Shake 'n Go raceway and cars, more parts of Chuck's Stunt Park, a Gears! Gears! Gears! set, and a movie (Up?).


How about learning games for your twins? If you already have some electronic devices they love (Leapster, V.Reader, any game system) get them some new games. Or go low-tech. My kids like playing a ABC bingo game we got at Walmart for about $4. On the list for my DD6 this year is Dora Links (and accessories), an American Girl mini-doll ($20) and book, game (Sequence for Kids), movie, and a craft (Build a Bear make-and-take?).


DS2: a big, chunky dumptruck or firetruck. Building blocks.


DD1: a ball popper toy, a stuffed animal.


If you think they already have too many toys, buy a family pass to a children's museum or zoo, spend the night (or just the afternoon) at a water park hotel, go to a performance (circus, Disney on Ice, etc.), or take them somewhere else they would have a good time (Chuck E. Cheese, bowling, somewhere with bounce houses, etc.)

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Before I start, there's a coupon on toyr'us ad for $10 free geoffrey bucks or giftcard (not sure which) when you spend $75. There are also some of the hasbro games on sale at kmart with coupons available online which were also in sundays paper if you got it. I'm not sure if Toyrus coupon will be in ad instore.


8 yr old dd--maybe a board game she can play with family? as well as some dolls, fashion barbie or liv dolls(I just love the changing wigs), painting kit (fabric or otherwise).

5 yr old b/g twins--matchbox/other cars for the boy and barbies/dolls for the girl, puzzles, remote control car, ride on car/quad if you have space for one.

2 yr old ds--maybe one of the learning toy laptops (looking online it seems its meant for 4+ but 2gs loves) etch a sketch,puzzles, ball pit(a pack of pit balls and a huge box/container is my nephews favorite), coloring books/washable crayons

almost 1 yr old dd-- I agree on the leapfrog violet. I bought the boy version for gs last xmas and nephew has one too (both are still very popular) see n'say regular or themed version, some duplo blocks,books


Just saw last post....I'm not sure about ops location but if it's good weather year round why not get a bounce house for the younger children to share? We got one on a clearance sale and bff's kids love it.

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