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does anyone find this as funny as I did!?!


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....I was in our local mega mall today and I heard some women talking about

gottadeal.com......they were going on and on about how cool it was and such...then one of them said to the other one...."what was that website again, I can never remember it when I need it!"....I thought I was going to choke on my "Mommy milkshake" from STARBUCKS it was so funny.....


anyway, does anyone else have a funny story about gottadeal.com being discussed in a B&M store?!?...or am I the onlywierdo here?!? :gd_not_ri

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Hubby and I were in WM tonight and we were looking at the laptops to see if the HP was in stock (it wasn't, lol) and there was a lady in there with a list. She had the BF list!!!LOL I asked her where she got it and she said she got it from a website. Then when I asked if it was GottaDeal she said no, but their mark was on the ad. I told her she should write down the name and check it out because it's the best! She said she would. Hope so!!! BTW, hubby thinks I'm nuts!LMAO
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I told the ladies at my bank today about gottadeal.com and they wrote it down. As I was walking out I was stopped by another lady asking me about it, so she has the website address now. Our cleaning lady at work told her husband about it and now my boss wants me to keep my eye out for a new 20" Dell widescreen....so, I'll be sticking around all year.
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