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yoda backpack

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Check your local Hot Topic store (call them) to see if they have any in stock - as their online store was selling them for $28.88 - but are out of stock online.


J&R has it for $35.99, link: HERE

There is one coupon, for $5 off $75, code: jrgoog


On Ebay, the current bid is $26 & Free Ship, link: HERE

- or just keep an eye on Ebay.



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Thanks guys- it does seem like a few places have it a bit cheaper now- I have been kind of looking all summer and it was always $40+, if I could at least get down somewhere in the 30s range I would feel a little bit better about it! However, if my son finds out they sell it at Hot Topic, he may not want it anymore.... (he is on this big sell-out thing... teenagers...!) He loves Star Wars though- if you ever need to know anything about Star Wars, I live with the talking encyclopedia!
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