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WalMart Main (non-"Early Bird") BF Ad Photos Now Available


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We are happy to be the first to provide you with some photos of the main WalMart BF ad. These photos are not high quality, so it's a little hard seeing what each item is. We hope to have a better quality scan of the ad in the next few weeks. This is the regular, non-"early bird" ad. You can download it here:


>>> Download Link


The photos are in a .zip file. We suggest you save the file to your hard drive just in case we are forced to remove the ads later for whatever reason.


NEW: Click Here for a PDF Version of this ad!


Also, keep in mind that in order to save bandwidth, provide an exclusive benefit to you, our members, and to prevent hotlinking, you need to click on the link from this site in order to access the file. If you post the URL on another site, they will just be redirected to our BF home page where they can register for the forum to access the ad.


Many items in this ad are already in the BF database on the main BF site.


We'd like to thank DeviousTrap of Telnap Internet Services for creating these flash demos which will help you save and open the scans:

  • How to right click Save Target As...




  • How to unzip the compressed file, the scanned ads will be inside the folder gottadeal_walmart_bf_2



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WOO-HOO!!!! I love this site!! I wish I would have joined last year. I looked at the lists of items but never looked in the forums or saw that you could actually download the ads!! I am telling everyone I know about this site. We had my daughters b-day party this past weekend and I was telling my whole family about this site and about how you guys had already gotten the WM BF early bird ad!! They were all like "wow, this early". I didn't tell them what was on it, but I told them exactly where they could find it!!




P.S. Can anyone else tell what the other box sets are on p.18? I can make out Friends and Dukes of Hazzard but I can't tell what the others are.

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No you dont take this ad you will get one in the mail. I dont see the laptop or kodak camera here hmmm anyone else maybe I am missing something. Ok call me stupid I found it lol sorry oh and this is my 1st post thanks lol


The kodak camera and the laptop are in the ad for door busters 5am - 11am

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