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Perimeter Perusing at Target (Target Clearance Deals) - 2005-06

Gator Pam

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UPDATE: CLICK HERE FOR CURRENT THREAD: http://forums.gottadeal.com/showthread.php?t=100165


Please continue Target clearance discussion there :)


I hope this thread stays active, as posters share their hints and clearance finds at Target. I've been Perimeter Perusing Target for about three years now, and find it helps me get through from one BF to the following year.


As many of you know, the Brick and Mortar store Target is known for their terrific clearance deals. You may have noticed that although the sticker price, including the reddish orange clearance stickers, says one price, that many times the items scan for less. It could be better for you if the item is priced higher and does scan less. Many shoppers do not realize this and pass the item by. Also, many times an item is not marked clearance in any way and I would suggest if you are interested in an item that you take it to the nearest scanner and check the price that comes up.


The standard clearance at Target works by items being marked down 15% or 30% initially. This price can last somewhere between two weeks to a month, depending on how well the item sells at this price. Then the item typically drops to 50%, again for two weeks to a month. Generally, the lowest an item will be marked down is 75% off, with a few exceptions. Items considered 'holiday' or 'seasonal' items have been known to go as low as 90% after the holiday, and you will find a few occasional display items or things found in the stockroom after inventory marked 80%-90% off. Almost always, the lowest price an item will go will usually end in $.x4 or $.x8, but not always.


A markdown schedule for the seasonal or holiday clearance is as follows:


Traditional Holiday clearance schedule

50% off day after holiday for three days

75% off fourth day after holiday for three days

90% off seventh day after holiday for 1-2 days.

Other than Chr-stmas this is the schedule used for holiday clearance, including Valentine's Day, Easter, Summerville, and Halloween, for at least the last two years


Also, Target is the only store I have found where many, although not all, of the cashiers seem to have the ability to bargain on a price when an item doesn't scan with one. There are times when an item will scan as 'clearance + tax'. Be happy in these situations instead of groaning. Sometimes the cashier can do a price over ride sort of thing to find the most recent lowest price, but sometimes if you say 'I'll take it for (whatever 75% off the marked retail price would be)' they'll just key that in. It's always worth a shot. Same thing applies for an item that scans 'NOF' (Not on file). This means the item is so old that it is completely out of the computer system. Again, I would try offering the 75% off the retail price, but if necessary a price can usually be looked up at the Guest Services Desk. However, if an item has gone 'salvage,' this may backfire on you. In this instance, Target marks the item back up to full retail value, before pulling it from the shelves and donating it to a charity, such as Goodwill or the Salvation Army for a tax write off. this is how Target claims to donate so much to charity.


The markdown teams in each store seems to keep to a standardized schedule, but there are stores that seem to have different ones. For those who do follow it the departmental mark down days are:


------- Mark Down Schedule -------

-Mon. -- Electronics, Kids Clothing and Stationary (Cards, GiftWrap, etc.)

-Tues. -- Domestics, Women's Clothing, Pets and Market (food items)

-Wed. -- Men's Clothing, Toys, Health and Beauty, Lawn & Garden items

-Thur. -- House Wares, Lingerie, Shoes, Sporting Goods, Movies, Music, Books, Decor and Luggage

-Fri. -- Auto, Cosmetics, Hardware, & Jewelry


This schedule says nothing about weekend mark downs, but I have seen items change in price between a Saturday morning perimeter perusal and one done on a Sunday afternoon. I still haven't found any rhyme or reason to what gets marked down on those days though. Another part of the fun.


Go to Target.com and see if there are any updates about new Target openings.


Target does not have a lay-a-way, but diehard Perimeter Perusers have tried various methods of getting around this. Most are constantly debated on the various forums dedicated to this subject as far as being 'ethical' or not, I'll leave it for you to decide for yourself.


When an item goes 50% off, and there are several left, some posters have said they find a 'hiding' place to put the item and they go back to see if the item is still there several weeks later to scan and see if it dropped in price. Some common hiding places shared is:


In the middle of a round clothes rack, where all of the clothes hide the item.

About a third of the way off the floor of a stack of pillows.

Behind similar items, perhaps with newer packaging, on the proper shelf.


Sometimes, when items are getting scarce at 50% off, posters will buy them at that price and hold on to the receipt. If they find the item later at 75% or 90% off, they will buy the item again, remove any clearance stickers that show the lower price, and return the item at another time with the older, higher priced receipt, as long as it is within the 90 day return period.


Target initiated a new return policy in November of 2002 that says any 'seasonal' clearance items returned will be refunded at the current clearance price, even with a receipt! They updated the policy in April, 2003 to specify these items as Chr-stmas trees and decorations and Hallowe'en costumes and decorations. As far as I know, all other seasonal merchandise should be refunded at the price stated on the reciept.


Other web sites to visit to find listed bargains are:


Target UPC finds

Freebies and Bargains


I hope y'all find this information helpful, and would love to know of other Perimeter Perusers tricks that I may not have covered!


I just learned something new on a different forum devoted to Target. I've now that the Target website puts out coupons to be printed and used at their SuperTarget stores, but I didn't know that if a regular Target carried the item you could use that coupon, a coupon from a Target circular if one happens to be out, and a manufacturers coupon all at the same time on one item. So, you can stack all three coupons on one item at either a Super or regular Target.


Here an online site to print off SuperTarget coupons.


Super Target Coupons

Some times Wow coupons has target coupons to print off as well, but they seem to not have any at the moment.

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When I have the time and cash, I could easily be in Target everyday. But generally I'm not. If there's something I really want, I refer to the UPC list I linked above, and the department markdown schedule, and go check on the item on the day it's department is supposed to be marked down.
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Found on an end cap by hand tools in Target today:


BDL110S - BullsEye Laser Level Stud Sensor by Black & Decker


Orange clearance sticker said original price $48.89 ---> 30% off at $34.22. Scanned at 75% off for $12.22.


Paul (dh) has his first Hannukkah present, as long as he doesn't find it!


There was a newer packaged version of the same thing on the aisle selling for full price of $49.99. The one I got has a UPC of: 028877487199. The numbers that printed on the receipt (I always forget what those are called) are 085060538.

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BTW, what is the diff in pkg? Just so I know which one I'm looking for!

Hmmm, since I didn't buy a new one, I can't say offhand. I seem to remember the package was a bit more square shaped, whereas the one I got was more a tall rectangle.


I think the newer leveler was made a little more compact as well, so the model number itself may be different. But, since the one I found scanned for $12.22, be sure to write downt he UPC number, as I'm sure that will be different from the one that will scan $49.99.

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Aaron, if you can find any, I would LOVE to have a yellow&green one. I can paypal you the $$, or whatever. Heck, i could even meet ya one day if needed.

I'll go look for this in a few, I have to get a shower first. :)


Where are they located in the store?

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wow, i really cant type today. That looks terrible! Oh well. Well it is very nice of you to do this. I hope you are at least close to Target. Its about 25 minutes for me, so....ANyways, if you want you can PM me when you get back and LMK what ya found!

Target, KMart, WalMart, SAM's are all 5 minutes from here. :)


Aaron's Shopping Services -- NOW OPEN! :)

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lol, thats it I think. I dont need it, but will ya check and see if the Barbie Magic of the Pegasus wings or Shiver doll are more than 50% off yet? lol. My girls want those too.

Eh. I didn't see this.


They had everything but the Video Now Jr. I couldn't really find anything to do with Video Now Jr. :(

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No, it has been with the video now at all the taargets I have been to. That was so nice of you to look. Thanks so much! I havent had any luck finding them around here either. I have to take my son to therapy on Monday, and will stop at the target in Alpharetta.

If nothing else, we are headed to FL on Tues, so I'll just keep stopping till I find one! lol

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