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gift for the traveler


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Help! I need something unique for a true road warrior. Already has GPS, last year I got them a Sirus radio for their car. They've got the computer laptop desk. I need something creative! Trying to stay around $50-$75 out of pocket. So with some of you great gottadealers that means about a $150 gift LOL.



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Car or plane traveler? I LOVE the newer style "4 wheel drive" suitcases for travel. Restaurants.com gift cards are cool cause they can look up and print certificates in different towns they go to in an instant (I do it all the time). If they frequently travel by plane, just buy them clean underclothes cause God knows... now a days they strip you down to them when going through security. JUST KIDDING. Funny, I travel constantly for business and im a blank on this one!
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This Belkin Mini Surge Protector Dual USB Charger


My husband and Dad have this and they both love it. They both like that they can plug in everything they need all in one area. Computer, iPhone, etc... My Dad has left items in his room before. Thankfully he has gotten them back, but with this he can keep everything in one place instead of having everything plugged in, in different outlets all over his room.


$9.99 and free standard shipping.




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