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Edible craft for school


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I know when my son was in elementary school they made houses out of Graham crackers, icing and candy's they looked really easy and the kids really enjoyed them




Easy Gingerbread House Supplies


To make the gingerbread house, you will need:

boxes of graham crackers

board wrapped in tin foil

empty milk or juice cartons

white frosting

package of gumdrops

colored sprinkles

crushed Oreo cookies

shredded coconut

other candies

tubes of colored frosting

Size the Gingerbread House Walls


First compare the graham crackers with the cartons that you have, and break apart the crackers so they will best fit each side of the carton. It's probably easier to do some of the decoration for the sides of the house before you put them up against the cardboard. So I'm going to draw some doors, windows, and other decorations for the base of the houses. Remember you can always put more on later.

Use Icing to Build the House


Use frosting to glue the graham cracker pieces to the sides of the cartons. You might want to let the pieces dry a while before you touch them again. Don't worry if there are spaces, we'll fill those in later. Use lots of frosting to also attach some crackers to the top for the roof. Use more crackers to measure, and trim for the sides of the roof too, so it's like a triangle on top.


Once the crackers seem set, move the houses to the tin-foil covered board. This will be the base for our scene.

Decorate the Gingerbread House


Use frosting to fill in the edges of the house. For the taller house, use twizzlers for decoration. for the smaller house, mini-candy canes are the perfect fit. Draw a walkway to connect the houses. Fill in the sidewalk with the crushed Oreo cookies. Next, zig-zag frosting all over the base. Cover this with shredded coconut so it looks like snow has recently fallen.


I'm taking 2 gingerbread trees that i decorated and gluing them together with frosting and placing them next to a house.


You can also decorate the roof with candy. Change the tip on the frosting bag to create shell-style boarders on the roof. Add colored candies to bring color to the roof.


Add extra touches to really make the scene your own! I put down green sprinkles for the look of grass, a boarder of gumdrops for a fence, and a small pumpkin patch in the back. Don't forget the gingerbread man.


After all that hard work, do not forget to take a picture or two of your masterpiece. Thanks for watching. To learn more, visit us on the Web at about.com.

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