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Bath and Body Works: $10/$10 purchase


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Bath and Body Works: $10/$10 purchase just pay shipping and tax. I just did several transactions in a row and only paid $6.35 in shipping and tax for $10 worth of stuff in each transaction.


use code: F102785


An added bonus you can get up to 5 Mini Cello Gift Bag Item#: 10845020 for free with each purchase. Perfect size for the travel sized items which are mostly 3/$10. I got some travel sized items and the little bags for little gifts.



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Bath & Body Works® Accessories

Mini Cello Gift Bag


Wrap it up with this clear gift bag! Simply place your items inside, tie it up with a bow and your gift is ready to give!


* Red gingham ribbon included!

* The perfect size for her lip favorites, a 4 oz. Candle, PocketBac and more!

* 3" wide x 10" tall


Free Cello, Ribbon & Gift Tag with Gift Purchase - Limit 5

$0.50 Now: $0.00

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Sorry -- please explain this deal for me. I'm a little daft sometimes .lol

Hopefully this makes sense:


I bought $10 worth of stuff (for example 3 travel sized lotions for $10)

I also got 5 of the free mini celo bags

I used the code F102785 for $10 Off Any Purchase of $10 or more

Paid Shipping & Handling $5.99

Paid Sales Tax $0.36

Tota paid= $6.35


I did this multiple times.

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OK -- I think I'm done now. My bank just called me to confirm that it's actually me making all of these purchases and not some scammer.. Must mean I'm shopping WAYYYY to much. LOL


After my total of 6 orders here is my damage:

2 Sets of Black Amenthyst mini sets

1 Japanese Cherry mini set

1 Secret Wonderland mini set

2 fragnance mists

4 hand gels

Total = approx $40.00

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Great Deal! I was going to make the trip into town to go to bath and body works this weekend to get my buy 2 get 1 free lip gloss but now I don't have to. Ended up being $3 less than if I went into the store. I had to take the free gift bags out of my shopping bag too as they put the shipping up to $11.xx.
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Got the 5 pack Christmas handibacs and 5 of the regular handibacs the Mini Cello Gift Bag's did not make my shipping go up. I had an old gift card with 3.21 left on it so I applied it and only paid 3.14 for everything.

Thank you OP

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Just tried this offer. It is not working.


We are having trouble recognizing the code you entered. Reasons for the error may include:

- Promotional codes are case sensitive.

- This particular discount does not apply to items in your order.

- We may be experiencing a technical difficulty that is preventing us from checking this code right now.


Please try your code again. If you need additional assistance, please contact us at 1-800-756-5005.

I am going to assume that since some people are doing this more than twice, that they caught on to it, and canceled the code.

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You can purchase 10 of these 2 oz lotions, use the $10 off any order coupon, and end up paying $5.99 shipped for all 10!


Link: HERE





There's four different scents of the following basket

Bath & Body Works Signature Collection Mini Signature Basket - Sweet Pea


Now $11.25 Was $15

Cost $1.25 after coupon & $5.99 Shipping



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