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20% off and free shipping on everything @ Collections Etc.


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Thanks for the code. Great deal if you are buying a lot of things or if you are buying an item that you can not find near you.

I am not sure that I will buy it from here since I can get it for $0.25 more then my final total at a store near my house.


Total before the code was


Merchandise subtotal: $9.99


Estimated Shipping (more info): $6.99


Processing: $1.25


Estimated Order Total: $18.23


Now the total is $9.24


Anyone know why companies charge a processing fee?



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I just used code 3JU5D1 (20% off and FREE shipping, no minimum order) and it still worked!

I bought a $14.99 item. Code took it to $11.99 and FREE shipping. No tax was charged, just their stupid $1.25 "processing fee"

Grand total was $13.24

This item was backorderd until February 11......

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