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Hallmark - Spend $10 get $10


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I put my 14 year old's bday in and still printed out 3.

I was able to print out 3 as well... I did notice however that they all have the same bar code number so I wonder if they'll let me use all 3, of course different transactions, or if i'll have to come back to use the others.

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you mean your store refused it? Or that it wouldnt work online?

My store refused it. I just got back again (since I couldn't get the ornament yesterday), and now they're saying I can only buy "Hallmark" brand items. At first she said I cannot use it on sale items either, but then I pointed out that the coupon said you could. I did find a Christmas Countdown Calendar for 12.95. I think they are trying their best to NOT let me use this coupon.

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