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Best Handheld Camcorder?


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So I've been flipping through the ads and have been looking to possibly buy a couple of the hand-held camcorders that are popping up in a few of them. Any thoughts as to which ones are the best bargain?


$20 Vivitar in Toys 'R Us

$20 Vivitar in Sears

$50 Poloroid in Target

$30 Vivitar in Kohls


I can't exactly tell what the differences are between the Vivitar models (if there even are any)... just curious to see what the masses on GottaDeal think.

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My kids got some of these a couple years ago. (Not the same model) But, low light - in the house, lights on the video was terrible! It was so slow you could not tell who was who.


Get them a cheap digital P&S camera and they will get more out of that than these cheap video cameras!!!!

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