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Itunes cards. Any deals?


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The Walmart deal was for the weekend, but I guess it couldn't hurt to check if it's convenient. There are almost always some deals on the cards on BF, so I would see how things go as the ads come out.


If you don't find anything else, Costco always has a smallish deal on them - $4-5 off. If you use a Target Credit Card, you get 5% off them there. TRU is running 10% back on your rewards card too, so that's not bad if you shop there anyway.

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I wasn't able to get the gift card at Walmart, but I did see that BB will be selling $50 cards for $40 on BF. I had not planned on going to BB, but there is one that isn't too busy about 5 miles from here.


If anyone sees anything else please let me know. Thanks!

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