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Has JCPenney taken complete leave of its senses?!

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I was placing an order for 2 pairs of pants for my father. I get to the last page before I pay and the cost for regular shipping is $12.75 :eyepoppin That's psychotic! Two pairs of dress pants! Not even a big & tall size! Is someone going to hand deliver them in a garment bag?! So I tried changing it and guess how much they were going to charge me to pick it up myself in-store? $7.50! No freaking way!! What is going on here?!


I wish we could get them from Kohl's, where they have the same pants on sale for the same price, but could use our extra 30% off code and probably get free shipping, but they don't carry his size. Sigh.

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I did the same thing... Shopping on line, great deals on the clearance stuff for christmas, 28.00 to ship to my store!!!!!!!!! Then it took 17 days to get there. I did save over 600$ off reg. retail but still insane shipping! I guess no more Pennys for us. Hubbys credit cards will like that.
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