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Help!! Looking for a Digital Camera

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Hi everyone, I was wondering if anyone can help me out. I am looking for a Digital Camera. Not too expensive possibly no more than $150.


Can you let me know if any of you have any cameras around that price and the pros/cons of it.


I was looking at this camera






Thanks for all help.

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the best deal going for around that is the Canon 1200IS. There were several deals around BF for it at $150.


I don't know for sure if sites are still selling it for that. I will have a look.

I think Staples had this for $149 this week also, remember seeing it in their ad....

also online too with $50 staples GC making it $139.99 after rebate (GC)

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I just got this one for Christmas(as a family gift)



I am very happy with the A1100 so far. Took it to NFL game and the pics came out great, even on the highest zoom. Easy to use, not a fan of the video setting though. they are not good at all. Not sure If I have it on a bad setting, bcuz im no expert, but I will stick with the video camera for that cuz the ones it takes are not smooth.


I looked over quite a few Top 10 point and shoot reviews and that camera was usually on every list in the top 5. That is why I chose it, and Office Depot has a great 2 yr warranty you can buy so I went with them for the service.

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Save $30 Instantly: Purchase this product from Amazon.com and save $30 instantly. Original price of $119.95 - $30 instant savings = price of $89.95. Price in your Shopping Cart includes manufacturer's instant savings. Offer valid through January 30, 2010.


For that price I would get it! I so wish I needed a new one right now :(

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How is this camera. My friend is still looking and has decided to go up in price. I like the looks of this one since she wants more zoom






She did not like the canons because the optical zoom was what she had and she says she wants higher also the megapixels are similar to what she has.


Thanks everyone for all your help

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