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FUN! Rubik’s Revolution LIST $19.99 NOW $4.99 w/FS (use CODE) @ deepdiscount.com


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This looks like a LOT of fun! deepdiscount.com has the Rubik's Revolution

Why pay: $19.99?

Our Price: $9.99 - Use Code 23017 at checkout for 1/2 OFF! Final Price: $4.99 with FREE SHIPPING!


That '80s classic gets a hot new makeover for a new generation. The Rubik's Revolution looks like the old cube at a passing glance, but it is now an electronic game center worth hours of fun! No more peeling the stickers to win. These cubes light up and are touch sensative. Instead of one game, this one comes with 6 different interactive games. It also allows you to go mono et mono with the cube or to challenge your friends at the various games. It also features difficulty levels to help you work your way up to the most difficult challenges. Recommended for ages 5 and up.



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I got the email today that says my order got canceled. It never even said was on backorder.

Same! I'm so sick of deepdiscount. Both times I've tried to order from them has been a disappointment. The first time, they took so long with shipping that I had to cancel and order somewhere else. And now this. I'm done. Will never order from them again.

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Thank you for your recent order. Unfortunately, the item(s) listed below

have been discontinued by the manufacturer and are no longer available

at this time. We apologize for your disappointment. Since this item(s) was

canceled from your order, your credit card was not charged for that item.

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Oh, lighten up. The reason they can offer such huge deals is that they only have a limited amount of the item. It's worth the risk if you are one of the people who got one. If not then it didn't cost you anything.

The same can be said for most of the other places I shop at online and yet I've never had similar problems. There are other places to purchase from that offer great deals, so while its no loss to them that I won't order from them anymore, it's also no loss to me either. :tongue1:

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