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This is why I hate FedEx...


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Ok, I don't really *hate* them, but they are incredibly annoying.


Purchased items on Amazon on Dec 11th with 2-day Prime shipping and this is what has happened... Keep in mind that this package was being shipped from Arizona to Oregon.


Dec 11, 2009 2:21 PM Picked up PHOENIX, AZ

Dec 11, 2009 8:09 PM Left FedEx origin facility PHOENIX, AZ

Dec 12, 2009 10:10 AM Arrived at FedEx location MEMPHIS, TN (<-- Um, I think you're going the wrong direction!)

Dec 13, 2009 2:42 PM Departed FedEx location MEMPHIS, TN (<-- Spent 2 days going the WRONG direction!)

Dec 14, 2009 1:25 AM At local FedEx facility PORTLAND, OR

Dec 14, 2009 7:55 AM At local FedEx facility XXXXX, OR

Dec 14, 2009 8:13 AM On FedEx vehicle for delivery XXXXX, OR

Dec 14, 2009 5:42 PM At local FedEx facility XXXXX, OR Package not due for delivery


The last two are what really get me... so, after traveling with my 2 day package for 2 days in the WRONG direction, you have my package loaded up in your delivery truck YESTERDAY, but return it to FedEx to sit on it for ANOTHER day, because you think that my 2 day package shouldn't be delivered for ANOTHER day?!?!?!?


I could understand not being able to get it in 2 days because of the weekend... 2 days would have been Sunday. But c'mon! It SHOULD have been here Monday (UPS gets Arizona packages sent Prime to me in usually 1 day, never more than 2), which it WAS, but for some reason, you decided NOT to deliver it yesterday even though it was IN the delivery truck?!?!?


ANNOYING!!! Especially because I looked on Amazon when they hadn't shown and my page said that the packages (there are a total of 8 gifts) had been put on the truck for delivery. I checked everywhere, thinking they had been delivered but the message hadn't been updated... then I was worried that they were all stolen. GRRR!!! Stupid FedEx. :mad:


ETA: This is the tracking for 1 of my packages, but the 8 things came in 2 different boxes and the second package has the exact same info.

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I understand your frustration with it being on the truck for delivery but was not delivered because it wasn't due, this has happened to me twice with UPS. As far as your package headed to Memphis,almost all FedEx packages are routed through Memphis as that is their main sort facility. Even the postal service does this. To mail a letter to my neighbor next door, the letter has to go from my mailbox to the town post office to the sort facility in downtown Dallas back to the town post office and back to my neighbor, a 70 mile round trip. Perhaps your delivery person was new or something but I have never once had a problem with FedEx, I swear by them. Just my opinion. And like I said, I do understand your frustration with the item being on the truck and taken back. I hope your day gets better!
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I do understand about things being routed... If I mail my dad (who lives 1/2 mile away) a card, they send it for processing over an hour away before they send it back to our town. But I have had 5 packages sent from Amazon's Arizona plant (2 via FedEx), and they've all be routed through California, which makes sense. I'm guessing that, with the holiday shipping rush, they are doing things a bit different. Or my other 2 shipments were the exception, not the rule.


But like I said, my annoyance is that they had the package here, in my town, in a delivery truck... but didn't deliver it. I wouldn't care if they shipped my packages to Timbuktoo first, as long as it is here on time. :)


I know my FedEx girl and I really like her... she's a sweetheart and, whether it was her error or not, I wouldn't "report" her. So I'll just blow off steam here. :)

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I appreciate your post; thank you! :) And I apologize if my post came off sounding harsh... I'm typing as my 4 year old DS, 2 year old DFosterSon, and our 3 dogs are running around the house, screaming and climbing the walls, so I typed a response, hopped up to gain some control of the situation, and when I came back, I realized that my response to you sounded harsh, so I do apologize! :)
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LOL! I hope your phone made a full recovery.


I'm actually kind of annoyed at myself right now... I mean, they are Christmas gifts, so why do I think I needed them yesterday? All I'm going to do is wrap them and shove them under the Christmas tree.


When I first started buying online, I got scammed several times on ebay, so I think that, even after several years and many great Amazon transactions, I get antsy when I've paid for an item and don't have it in my possesion.


Plus, I've never quite forgiven FedEx, even though, again, this wasn't entirely on them... 2 years ago I sold a toy on ebay that my DS had changed his mind about and we were outside of the return time frame. Anyway, a lady bought it for what we paid ($50), then I get a message from her several days later saying that the item hadn't arrived, she contacted FedEx and they told her that the truck carrying the package was in an accident and all of the packages were destroyed.


They told her to have me contact them and I would be reimbursed for the price of the item. She demanded a refund, which I gave her. Then I contacted FedEx, got the info that they needed, and submitted my claim, only to receive a message saying that my package had been recovered, undamaged, and sent to the lady.


I contacted her several times and never heard anything back. So she got the toy, and her money back! Ok, so now this isn't a vent about FedEx... its a vent about that lady! LOL- I gotta get off the computer before I start ranting about something else!

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That is frusterating! My 5 YO asks that everything come on the "white truck"(Fed Ex) vs. the "brown truck" (UPS). Why? Because last Christmas several packages that were shipped UPS were not delivered until after Christmas due to the snow we had (Fairview, Oregon). While everything that was shipped Fed Ex was delivered in the snow, on time. We had garbage service, mail service & Fed Ex........yet no UPS.


So, you never know what you're gonna get in terms of service. Good luck, and I hope everyone gets all their stuff on time this year :)

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Oh no! I would be really upset if I didn't get things in time for Christmas, too! :( Especially because everything else was running, just no UPS.


Its funny because one of my uncles works for UPS, as management, and his son in law drives a delivery truck for FedEx in the same city. So they have a little competition between the two companies. When I am doing a lot of shipping, I'm on the side of FedEx because its usually cheaper... when I am doing a lot of online buying, I'm on the side of UPS because, at least in my experience, they are faster to deliver. (Although I have to say, I LOVE my FedEx girl and don't really have an opinion on my UPS guy... she's always friendly and chatty, he knocks on my door and takes off... he's usually driving away before I make it to the door.) It is fun to make a jab at either of the companies around the two of them, though... it always leads to something entertaining. :)


My stuff got here this afternoon, my FedEx girl talked about how big my puppies are getting, and all irritation was gone. I really should contact FedEx and tell them how much I like her!

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I have had issues with both FedEx and UPS, but lately UPS has been better! My new guy is pretty on top of things. FedEx has delivered packages to the wrong house-my neighbor around the corner-a few times, returned my package to the sender because they said my address didn't exist, and always takes a few days longer than UPS. They've also delivered other people's packages to me and left it on the doorstep...
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I have had numerous issues with FedEx over the years. Everything from the package being delivered to the wrong address and never being found again to just plain slow delivery service!

I live in upstate NY and when I order dance shoes for my DD from California it takes over a week if I use the FedEx shipping option but only 2 days via USPS!! I guess the days of 'when it absolutely positively has to be there overnight' are long passed.

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