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3 section BUFFET electric warmer-stainless steel TODAY ONLY (12-13) $19.99 (was 59.99) JCP.com


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Nope sure doesn't


ONLINE DAILY DEAL! Triple-Buffet Server/Warmer

Item# DS780-1210B

Color: Black/Stainless Steel


Sale $19.99

Original $59.99


In Stock $59.99 Savings ($40.00)

Promo - not qualified



Please use this area for any

Special ordering instructions:



Total Savings: ($40.00)


Subtotal: $19.99

Shipping & Handling: standard $5.95express $17.00

Gift Wrap: $0.00

Tax: $1.04

Order Total:


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Thank you! I was just discussing something similar with my older brother this am, his foster son that he claims as his has popped the question to his longtime girlfriend and we know her family will not help with the wedding...So I guess we will cater a small one ourselves.


Edit: I used the cr8joy code for free shipping as I needed to order a shirt for one of my sons anyway.

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On back order now. Watch your checkout page. You could miss that info. Should ship early January. I ordered two to ship to my home and they're listed as "TR" which means they're being transferred between warehouses or something so there will be a short delay (1-3 days). When I ordered one more to ship to a family member's address, they had gone from TR to BO (back order) with the January ship date.
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I got one of these for my mother in law about two weeks before thanksgiving for $19.99. She loves it!

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