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Empty printer ink cartridges=free ream of paper???


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I don't know about the free ram of paper. But I do know that if you have a staples reward card, you can take back your empty cartridges (limit of 5 per month) and get $3.00 back in rewards for each. And this week they have a special promotion going on that they will make it $6.00 per cartridge. I'm glad that I haven't done any yet this month because on Saturday I will be bringing in my limit of 5 which will be $30.00 coming back to me. You might want to look into this. It's free to join and then the rewards you can use to purchase the paper (which I only buy when it's $1.00 per ream). Hope this helps. :)

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Not a deal per say, but our elementary school collects them at the office, and probably does what you are talking about. It helps support the school a bit. Maybe your school does too. You could ask and if not you could suggest they start and coordinate it for them! That's how they buy their supplies I think.
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