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Aeropostale.com 50% - 70% off everything (excludes clearance)


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Solid Puffer Vest $20.85 was $69.50


Several colors.








Plaid Puffer Vest $23.85 was $79.50.

2 colors.








Aero Full-Zip Poly Fleece Hoodie $17.80 was $44.50.

7 colors.





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I got better prices during their friends and family sale about two weeks ago. Everything was on sale plus 30% off. Now it seems that they raised the prices back to retail and are taking 50% off of that making it seem like such a great deal. You have to be so careful and check prices. Glad I got a better deal earlier. I got the puffy vests for $17 and the fleece jackets for $14
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They usually run really great sales on their graphic tees. Just last month they had short sleeve tees 2 for $15. Now they're 50% off $24.50? I think they think they're fooling us or something. I wanted to buy some long sleeve shirts for my daughter for Christmas but I refuse to pay a 50% off price of $15 at Aeropostale. Walmart sells similar shirts for only $6 regular price. She'll outgrow it before it falls apart.
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