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Hoody with earbuds in drawstrings


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A friend of mine in another state said she bought hoodies with earbuds in the drawstrings at Kmart. I have been through the clunky Kmart/Sears combined website and have not seen ANY mention of these.


Does anyone else know of these and where I could find them? It is a 60+ mile drive to the nearest Kmart, so if I can find them online it would be great.



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My DS once had a sweatshirt that had speakers in the hood of the sweatshirt. It actually came with a little radio that clipped on the shoulder also and then the wires came from the speakers and plugged into the rado. You could also plug the into a mp3 player. He loved that sweatshirt.


To wash I just used cold water and hung to dry (I dont dry any of his sweatshirts anyway) He used it for about 3 years, we just put in the pile for goodwill.


I did not pay anywhere near $47 for it and I think I also got it at Kmart when I got it. Have to run there and see if they have anymore he would love another.

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