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Looking to Buy Gas Grill


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I'm looking to buy my first gas grill. I'm talking about a full size gas grill for my patio at home, not a portable gas grill for camping on BF. I noticed a couple of stores have some on sale for BF. Sears has a Kenmore for $179, plus have all of their gas grills on sale. Home Depot also has one for about the same price.


I wentand did some advanced scouting today since Sears is having a pre-BF sale with some of the same items on sale. I checked out the Kenmore grill, and didn't like it as it seems kind of flimsy. In fact I did some research on it, and found similar reports. I also checked out what I think is the Brinkmann grill that Home Depot will have on sale. I can't be sure if it is the same model though, as it doesn't look like they have a model number in their ad. But like the Kenmore, the Brinkmann seems kind of flimsy.


I would like to find a sturdy gas grill that is likely to last a few years. A bonus would be if there is a conversion kit to convert it to natural gas from propane. I would like to stay below $300 if possible. Is it possible to get a good sturdy gas grill for less than $300?

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They dont go on sale for Blackfriday in the summer you can catch a great deal @ those places.


I'll still keep an eye out for ya ;)


Amazon has one. . . .




That's link isn't a grill. It's a rotisserie.


I got a great deal on one a couple years ago at LNT, of all places.

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Thanks angelic680. Actually as I pointed out in my original post, there are a couple on sale on Black Friday. Although there may be better deals in the summer. But then again, I would think buying one "off season" would increase the chance of getting the best deal. But being in south Texas, this is a good time of the year to grill here.


The more I though about the Home Depot grill in the ad, the more I am convinced it is a grill they don't have in the stores right now. The ad says "exclusive" and says theere will only be 20 per store. It also says it is a $299 value. The only similar grill they had in the Home Depot store was for $199. So it wouldn't be much of a door buster to only knock $20 off the price for Black Friday. I think we will go there and check it out on Black Friday. Wonder how many people will be rushing to Home Depot for a gas grill that morning?

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i'm am so confused! I really want to get hubby a "good" gas grill without paying $1000 for it - but if you read all the reviews and consumer report it just confuses me more. all the issues with rusting, bunner problems, heat issues...and on on on ...Seems like weber for the most part - Looks like home depot and lowes are OUT.. anyone have any experience with BBQ galore? I wished they posted prices online.

any advise is appreciated

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