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Everlast 60-lb. Heavy Bag Kit $40.00 @ Walmart


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Thank You so much for finding this awesome deal!


This will help me stay focused, busy and get in shape while my husband is deployed.


I can't wait for it to come.


Thanks Again :)



Awe Im glad I can help you out, and I'll keep your hubbie in my prayers


this does not come with the gloves, speed bag, etc


Yeah I know thats why the 1st one is a great deal! :yup:

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do you think this would be appropriate for a 7 1/2 year old that is just starting martial arts?

This would be great and he will have it for years to come!!!



Free Shipping @ Amazon just dont get the whole Kit



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Yeah make sure you hang this correctly, it could end up breaking things or hurting the person using it trust me I had one growing up in the basement and it almost fell on me....LoL


Just make sure its on a support beam or in the garage and dont forget to pick up a mounting bracket modells and sports authority sell them for a couple bucks....;)

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