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Do Any Of You Write Christmas Newsletters For Your Cards?


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I started a tradition the year my first son was born to always include a family newsletter in my Christmas cards. I would include interesting facts about Christmas, Christmas jokes, and family recipes used during the season. 5 years later, I am struggling to write one. We have hit hard times, and hubby has been out of work for 2.5 years. I don't want to bring anyone down, but I also don't want to stop this tradition.


My question is, do any of you do a newsletter with your cards, or something similar?

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I have never done one. I think the format of yours sounds fantastic.:cheesy:I have received a few that have sounded like they were realllly bragging instead of just informing/updating. . .


My suggestions:


1-Maybe you mention that your DH has been having a hard time finding work just briefly (so they know but aren't worried about you) and then,


2-how about if you reprinted a newsletter from a prior year, one of your favorite years? with the title sayin' "looking back on favorite memories/a favorite year" :) (I am hoping you saved one on your computer/in old address book clippings)


3-change the recipes and


4-use a picture of family "then" and "now"


5-also maybe a pic of OUTSIDE your house. Those who may not go across miles to see you can be cheered by your outdoor decor with a photo. ;)


6-tell everyone that you appreciate their cards and letters, and friendship over the years


Sure hope the new year brings better things for you. Good luck on the newsletter.

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I do a holiday letter every year (I skipped last year though cause time got away from me).


I always hate the bragging style letters too. I basically do a "this is what we did this year" letter - and include the good and the bad.


I put it on holiday stationary and normally include it with my Christmas cards and if I have a pic of myself with DD18 and DD15, I'll put one in with the card.

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