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Looking for a jersey


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I am sure you all have seen the football jerseys at Kohls, JCPenney, etc for your fav. football team. My son wants either a Carolina Panthers or Carolina Tarheels one. I want to get him one but they are regularly $40 and he's only 7 years old! I just can't see spending that much on a jersey that you have to wear a shirt underneath it. I know Kohls had them on sale for 25% off but thats still not enough of a discount to get it in my opinion. Do you guys know if anyone has put them on a good sale on BF in the years past? Or the best place to get one at a better deal.
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i bought them for all 3 of my boys on ebay 2 years ago. i'm thinking for under $20 a piece and they were new. same jerseus as in the stores. make sure whatever you buy you don't dry it, though. all kids jerseys, that i've seen, are ironed on and after too many washes and dries the numbers begin to crack and peel off.
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