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Sears and Kmart closing 26 stores in October

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#1 Brad  OFFLINE  



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Posted Aug 8, 2019 - 9:05 am



Surprised there are still 26 stores still open at this point.



Sears: 2500 Riverchase Galleria, Birmingham


Kmart: 1625 W Redlands Blvd., Redlands
Kmart: 14011 Palm Drive Desert, Hot Springs
Sears: Somersville Road, Antioch


Sears: 8501 W Bowles Avenue, Littleton


Sears: 6200 20th Street, Vero Beach
Sears: 901 US 27 North, Sebring


Sears: 3700 Atlanta Hwy Suite 270, Athens


Sears: 5 Stratford Square, Bloomingdale



Sears: 2300 Southlake Mall, Merrillville
Sears: 6501 Grape Rd US 23, Mishawaka


Sears: 6901 Security Sq Blvd, Baltimore


Kmart: 159 Wilbraham Road, Palmer


Sears: 6780 S. Westnedge Avenue, Portage
Sears: 4900 Fashion Square Mall, Saginaw


Sears: 18777 E. 39th St South, Independence
Sears: 3 Mid Rivers Mall Drive, St Peters
Sears: 330 Siemers Drive, Cape Girardeau


New York
Kmart: 975 Fairmount Avenue, Jamestown


Sears: 600 Richland Mall, Mansfield


Puerto Rico
Kmart: Highway 3 Plaza, Guayama


Sears: 1101 Melbourne Road, Hurst
Sears: 10000 Emmett F. Lowry Expressway, Texas City


Sears: 4812 Valley View Blvd NE, Roanoke


Sears: 4700 N. Division Street, Spokane


West Virginia
Sears: 100 Huntington Mall Road, Barboursville

#2 len_mullen  ONLINE  



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Posted Aug 8, 2019 - 9:25 am

Surprised Salem, NH is not on that list.  Hopeless for decades, empty for years.


Last time I was in there (on the way to another store), I passed by a table of nice shirts with a sign which read 'marked down' -- no prices, no percentages.  When I finally found a cashier, the price was outstanding.  I got a bunch and went to the checkout.  There were two behind me in line (the cashier may have been the only other person in the building).  As she processed my order, one of the two asked me where I found the shirts then both left to plunder the table.  That table was right at the entrance to the mall.  Imagine if one of the employees had thought to post a sign with price information?  If Amazon did not post prices, I would not shop there either!

#3 Kanyon71  OFFLINE  



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Posted Aug 9, 2019 - 6:50 am

I'm really surprised there are many left. NOWHERE that I frequent has a Kmart or a Sears left. It's a shame, used to shop at both of them a lot.

#4 stewarta4  OFFLINE  


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Posted Aug 14, 2019 - 1:56 pm

I wish they'd just get it over with and close 'em all...it's inevitable. Why keep holding on... :confused:  

` :holiday07  :holiday04  :holiday07

#5 MusicMama  OFFLINE  



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Posted Today, 6:15 am

Mine isn't on this list, but the billboards are all over touting its closing soon.  I'm not completely sorry because the store has been a dump for years.  But I am sorry that the local mall has lost its second of 3 anchor stores and is slowly becoming a mini-clinic instead of a shopping mall.

#6 len_mullen  ONLINE  



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Posted Today, 8:20 am

I think it's a great idea to repurpose these buildings as service areas specializing in things difficult to do over the internet.

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