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Barbie dream sale - today 9/23 only


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If you go to the Dream sale shelf (items they have on sale)(special sale page), the items are on sale then extra 25% is taken when you put it in your cart. Most of the other items are just 25% off, again put them in your cart to see savings. I collect Barbie and went overboard last night when it went live. The prices on the dream shelf with the sale and then additional 25% were fantastic. They have alot of lower end dolls too that are fun for gifts like I Love Lucy, Kelly dolls, Grease Dolls, Dolls of the World and other fun ones. Just put items in your cart to see full savings....


also you can use promo code A28844 for $10 off $50 ($50 must be after discounts not before), essentially it will be like getting free shipping maybe alittle more if your total is over $100.


Found the free shipping code a28774, it may work if ordering alot and shipping over $10, if not, use the other code

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