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I have yet to find this stupid book for a respectable price. Can anyone help? I would even consider the 7th edition if the price was better


Hooyman, Nancy R., Kiyak, H. Asuman (2008) Social Gerontology multidisciplinary perspective. Eighth Edition. Pearson, Allyn & Bacon, ISBN 13:978-0200-52561



Many many thanks in advance! ! :)

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alibris.com has them used from $32.20 is that cheap enough?


That price would be great but the link does not work and when I choose search it says 0 copies available :(


O and by reasonable I mean not the $130 I am seeing it for used on Amazon.




Never mind I managed to navagate the site and got the books I needed. MUCH THANKS!!! :D :D :D

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