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Swimming Pool Sales in Ohio and surrounding areas?

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So for those of you in Ohio that have above ground swimming pools, what company did you buy them from and are you happy with them? How much (if you don't mind posting that info) did you pay for it and what size you have.



We are "thinking" about buying one....again!


We had a very nice pool that we bought from BP Pools but several years ago we decided to get rid of it because we just didn't have time to keep up with it etc and it was just becoming an eye sore. Now ds6 is old enough to enjoy a pool and we have more time to mess with it (well, I do)

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I live in Northwest Ohio and we made the short trip to Ft Wayne, IN and got ours from Olympia Pools and Spas. I personally think Defiance Water Rec is way overpriced. They were going to charge us around $2000 more for the same size of pool but without all the extra upgrades we got from Olympia.
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