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Qwest/DirectTv GAH!

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Ok. Now, I'm all for saving a buck etc. But this is ridiculous.


Back in May I ordered DirectTv through Qwest for my appt. They came out May 3rd and installed my dish etc (putting a hole through my outside wall/pantry closet!) and charged me $30 for the tripod the dish had to go on. I was irritated about the $30 then, but now it's not so big of a worry.


The big worry is that since I ordered the tv, since it started - I've yet to receive a bill for it. My monthly bill is supposed to be $34.99 plus tax every month, and I was supposed to receive my first bill by May 10th (per the installation guy). I also have phone through Qwest and this was considered bundling my services.


So each bill since then has only had my phone charges. I've called Qwest but they can't find any record of my cable and have told me that maybe DirectTV hasn't submitted it to them yet. So I keep calling DirectTV asking them what the deal is, but they gave me the list of dates that they submitted it to Qwest - and Qwest has been paying my monthly bill. Apparently how it works is that Qwest pays DirectTV and then I'm supposed to pay Qwest after that.. I'm not sure. But how Qwest can't find any record of it... especially since that first month I ordered two things from PPV (sports - no dirty stuff)...


Everyone, including my parents, keep telling me not to knock it, to not look a gift horse in the mouth etc etc. But this is stressing me out.


I don't want them to come back one day and say you knew about this blah blah blah and you've been stealing cable. And I also am fearful that when they finally get it figured out that I'll have the bill from hell and with late fees etc etc tacked on. I've been setting aside the monthly cost of the service every month since it was installed waiting for the bill to come, but nothing.


So I had them resend my security code for Qwest and I went online to look at my account - according to it/them I don't have DirectTV or any cable service. Just my landline is on there.


I call every month asking about my phone bill, last month I called 3 times and I document my call each time..


But I don't know what to do and I don't want this to come back at me like a tornado of trouble!!


Anyone with any advice/ideas to help?





And I'm sorry if this is in the wrong forum. I couldn't decide if it went here, financial, or tech...

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I'm not sure how else to track it.. I've talked to customer service for both Qwest & DirectTV monthly now (ok, a lil more than monthly.. i'm a spazz) asking them what is going on but they don't know. Today as I was doing my 6 month purge (where I go through my paperwork and purge stuff from the previous 6mos that I don't need to retain) I found the original paperwork from when they came and installed the dish.


So I called armed with the order number from the installation and was told by qwest that they still had no record of it! So I called the guy who actually installed my dish and he was equally baffled and said he would search through his files to find out what is going on.


Work is closed on friday for the holiday so I think I'm going to drive up to one of the many qwest locations that dot the town. There's even one within walking distance. I'm not sure if I'm allowed in these places or if it's just for employees but... meh. at least I can bring all my paperwork with me and they can make copies etc.


I also asked directtv to send all my information over to qwest again but the CS agent wasn't sure if that was allowed. (?)

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Mary-Ellen - I love DirectTv - I've had comcast and Cox before and nothing compares to directtv in my opinion (so far).


JohnnyLarue - I'm motivated out of paranoia. I really don't want to face any negative consequences such as late fees, losing my cable deposit ($200), or worse. It's also making me nervous because part of my financial aid package is loans - if they do report to a CA as another poster mentioned it could seriously hurt me. And my pride can't handle being accused of stealing cable. Although, at least with that I've documentation to prove otherwise but still.


By this point in the game I should've received 2 bills, my 3rd bill should be received in the next week - but instead nothing. It's a little nerve-wracking for me.

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I see. We are just different. I would just keep all my bills and if they came for the cash I would pay it. If they never did then oh well. As long as I covered my butt all is ok in my book. If I made an effort to get a hold of them my conscience is clear.


Never heard about the student loans and CA's if that was the case I should have never got a loan.


I hope it all works out for ya. Keep trying. LIke I said I commend you :)

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ahh. so the bill finally came in.





apparently they never applied my 'rebate'. :sigh: i'm dealing with directv only now - i've cut qwest out of the loop. even have my phone scheduled for disconnect and am switching my phone service to cox. but i'm keeping directv

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I stick with Dish. Much cheaper. I had Qwest via Powernet Global for long distance only and never received a bill. I called repeatedly and was finally told I had been inactve for 5 months as I use my cell phone for long distance and they shut me off . The said they were turning it back on and when it never happened I called back only to be told they weren't letting me use them anymore. I went back to my own local Frontier. I love Dish. I have had it since Primestar consolidated with them years ago. My daughter got Direct TV but I checked into it a few times and it was much higher
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