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Pink Ped Egg $6 or 2 for $10


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I just spent $10 this weekend at walmart on a ped egg. This is a great deal and a very great tool that works,lol. I was very Leary and assumed I had wasted my money but it works great! At this price I am buying more!



Pink Ped Egg for Smooth and Beautiful Feet, Breast Cancer Awareness Limited Edition


edited to add s/h is $7.61 for the 2pk

but FREE for the individual pack

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Dr. Scholl's makes something similar. I think it's called sooth my sole and it's pink. I saw it in the footcare dept of Walmart. I think it was 6.44

Dr. Scholl's

good call......... it looks like the same type of thing..........no long handle like the ped eggs though and this deal at $6 is still cheaper............. but I may have grabbed that



I found a Ped Egg at the DOLLAR STORE !!! I was very happy to find that (was in Canada), the actual Ped Egg too, not a knock off.

all i can say is wow! wtg girl!
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I have the original Ped Egg. I swore I wouldn't buy something that sounded so silly, but it really is quite good. You do have to be very careful, because you don't really see how much of the dead skin is coming off your feet until you open it up and dump it out. It works very quickly - so go easy, or you won't be able to walk for days! The smoothing attachment is a must, as your feet will be very rough after using shaving part. I also like it better without the handle.
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The single ped egg has increased in price to $8.99 from $5.99. There is still free shipping though for a single one. I didn't have time to complete the checkout yesterday, so I decided to do it today. Unlucky for me that the price increased since then. Oh well, I'm passing on it now.
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