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Best Buy's refund policy?

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I bought something at Best Buy on friday that went on sale this sunday.


would I be able to take my receipt and get the difference back?

Yes...they are really cool about price adjustments. I've done it twice recently. I was dreading it because I figured being Best Buy there would be some issue. But no problems at all. Once I did it for a CF memory card and once for a Rockband Guitar stand. Neither time did I take the merchandise. Just the receipt and showed them the ad. With the guitar stand, I didn't even have the receipt. I was standing in line to do an online order pickup and saw the ad. I asked her if there was any way they could pull up my receipt. They did it using my phone number since I used my Best Buy rewards card.

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They are good about doing it. It just has to be within the last 30 days. It seems to me though that whenever they lower the price of a video game its always right at the weekend after the 30 days are up so I rarely get to take advantage of the policy. Oh well.
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