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Cigoutlet.net? Anyone ever buy?

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Prices are nuts; hubby smokes Camel nonfiltered, the most expensive cigs around, and we can't afford $70 a carton (could be worse - it's over $100 in NY..) -- someone online mentioned www.cigoutlet.net and their prices are AWESOME. They ship from overseas. But in checking for recommendations, I find some troubling stuff from 4-6 years ago (product not arriving, no CS) ... nothing recently.


Does anyone have anything good or bad to say about them?



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Legal? Probably not. Maybe, best-case scenario, it's a loophole?


I think states can come after you for back taxes if they catch you ordering cigs from a place online that doesn't charge tax. It's something to consider.


I've ordered online from in-USA places in the past, but never regularly, and it's been years. I think enforcement of the tax dodge may have increased, now that states are relying more and more heavily on cig taxes for revenue.


Sheesh. Now you've got me worried beyond whether the place is reputable!

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I have been looking online to research this as well and seems like i keep being pointed in other directions, every site says something differant. It is legal that I found on many sites, and if you purchase from us companies they are suppose to be reporting the tax, I am not sure about Europe purchases. So I would be interested in what others know as well
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