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Corporate Number for Direct TV

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So after 2 years of being billed for a receiver that I shouldn't have I was furious with Direct TV. I called to cancel my sevice and the guy tells me he will give me a 100.00 credit towards my bill. I told him fine but I was still going to cancel. Then he says he will give me 10.00 off a month and free HBO or what ever for 6 months.


2 months later I am still getting billed for the extra receiver and I call to cancel. At that point they send me a bill saying I have a 53.00 credit.


Today I get a bill for 47.00 saying that they were taking back the 100.00 and I owed them because they said the credit was to keep me as a customer. I said NO the free HBO and the 10.00 off was towards that not the 100.00 . :mad: SO I called tonight and talked to a less than helpful girl that told me they don't have a corporate number.


What are my options?

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How about this:

If you've contacted Customer Care and require additional clarification or support,

contact Ellen Filipiak, Sr. VP of Customer Care: http://www.directv.com/DTVAPP/global/contentPageIF.jsp?assetId=P4580012




DIRECTV Group, Inc.

2230 East Imperial Highway

El Segundo, CA 90245

United States

Phone: 310-964-5000



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Can a company issue you a credit and then 2 months later take it back? I cancelled my service because my service wasn't coming in and also because they over charging me for receivers. They say the 100.00 credit was to keep me as a customer.... and since I didn't stay a customer for a full 2 months after they decided to take it back. Do they make the rules up as they go?


So not only to they send me a collections letter saying I owed them ( first thing I heard of it ) then they decide to just charge it on my credit card that they had on file.


So I guess I have two questions. Can they just decide at their whim to take back a credit and is it legal to make charges to my CC with out me ok'ing it.

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Not sure on the credit card thing...but the $100 was to keep you a customer, and you have to stay with them for another year to keep it or I have heard others say they had to give it back. Of course they probably didn't tell you, but that is usually the fine print. I was billed for a reciever for 8 months that I did not have with them too, but when I noticed it, the rep kindly issued a refund on every month.
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Some more info


From consumerist.com, type in Direct TV in the search box and you can find quite a bit about them. http://consumerist.com/


DirectTV has a new phone number for their Office of the President: 888-237-8327


DirecTV's CEO, Chase Carey, email [email protected].


The corporate switchboard is 310-964-5000. You might be able to get to his secretary by calling that number and saying, "Carey's office, please," in a professional and composed tone.

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