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Bought DS a GPS and it doesn't work right Amazon Rant


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Amazon just stinks! I ordered my ds18 a TomTom GPS for Christmas. It has the text to speech. Well, the text to speech does not work so I called them. The csr wanted to argue with me that it does NOT have text to speech even though the box states it on it and the product info on Amazon's product page says it does too. So he says I can return it and once they receive it they will credit me the money and I can reorder a new one if I want. I said I'd like another one but really don't want to wait all that time. Was told they could send me another one but would charge me for it. I said no way cause we don't use credit cards and had used my debit card for the purchase and don't have that mush extra $$ in it the day after Christmas. So I hung up and called back to speak with a different csr who told me that they would send out a replacement asap at no charge since it is still in stock. GREAT!! :) Or so I thought! I just received an email from Amazon stating it will not ship until January 2 because it is not in stock. But if you go to the product description it says IN STOCK sold by Amazon. I will definetly think twice about ever ordering from Amazon again!!
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