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SkinIt Issues?


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Anyone else having issues with the SkinIt company? I placed and order on Dec. 3 for $99.xx and have yet to get the items. They use a mailing process called mail innovations and it is only able to be tracked part of the way. The company is able to offer no assistance other than they dont guarentee shipping times etc. When i ordered the website had comments about "order now to get it by Christmas", now they say its no guarentee.


Anyone else having issues? This missing $100 worth of items means no gifts for some people under the tree. Its embarrasing.

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It goes from UPS to USPS, the tracking number ends the day it hits USPS.. since there is no tracking # for USPS its untrackable now. Im very disappointed, especially since I called them 3 times last week and they kept saying "just wait". I contracted them about an hour ago and they said I should have called last week??? They simply said, nothing they will do now since they dont know if i really got it or not.


Talk about POd, now I have to fight it with the bank.\


PS. I am glad to hear this appears to be an isolated incident. Too bad that doesnt help put the gifts under the tree. :(

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