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Walmart.com phone number

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Does any one here happen to have the phone number for Walmart.com. I need to talk to customer service about an order placed over 2 weeks ago.


When I started looking for contact info for them I came across news articles talking about how Walmart was no longer making their phone number available. They do not want people calling them. They want us to use only the "help" at walmart.com.


So I sent them an email 4 days ago. I got a canned response thanking me for contacting them and oh by the way we have not read your email because we are so busy.:mad:


I am very disgusted right now.

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I've had the SAME issue with them... 2 orders said shipped and I had not gotten them yet, I got the automatic email, one day I just got fed up because it had been 4 days since I have heard from them. I emailed them EVERY HOUR bitching lol That woke them up and I got my order refunded. A day later I got a phone call from them asking if my issue was resolved, and of course the number was 'unavailable'


So, just keep emailing them over and over and over again, that's what worked for me.

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I found this number though Google




let it go though the options and when it ask you to repeat the options again select that and the second time though there will be an option to talk to an actual person . At least that's how it was for me.


I had the same problem with emailing them till I was actually able to talk to someone...

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I have ordered from Walmart for several years and have never had a package in less than 2 weeks. It goes out UPS Mail Innovations which should be called I can walk there quicker. The ups part isn't too bad , but as soon a s they send it to a post office center it takes over a week. My last one was 3 weeks for a package of pictures from shutterfly. For the number I googled buy.com and came up with a website of hard to find numbers. Listed was ebay,amazon,buy.com,walmart,etc. I got a recording saying leave my number and we will call you in one day. Never got a call. filed a claim with paypal and am still waiting.
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