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Amazon has Playskool Kota My Triceratops Dinosaur for $99 FREE SHIPPING


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I got one for $99, too! I had just sent my DH on a 2 hour (round trip) drive to try and grab the last one at TRU for $99, but I wasn't hopeful. I checked Amazon, saw the $99, ordered it and even managed to catch my DH before he left town. My DS3 is going to be SO happy Christmas morning!!!


I cannot wait until Christmas- DS6 is getting his Nintendo DS, DS3 is getting Kota, DFD3 (foster daughter) is getting Rose Petal Cottage stuff, and DFS1 is too young to care, but he's getting a bunch of great things, too! I LOVE Amazon; I couldn't have afforded half of what I got them elsewhere!!!

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I had Kota in my cart debating even though my kids didn't ask for it and we didn't need it...LOL I'm only glad it went up as now I won't buy it. I hate how Amazon's sales only last hours though as I've had things go up while I am adding other things to my cart. Online shopping can be addicting. We already got the $79 dollar Butterscotch Pony for Christmas, so we really didn't have room for another large mechanical toy. :tongue1:
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