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Please: Need help with Fox Hat (motor cross) info. for an "Angel"


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I picked up an Angel off of an Angel tree of a 15 yr. old girl whose interest is in Fox hat. I know nothing about what it means other then it has to do with motor cross in some way. I'd love to be able to get some of this for her if I can.


Anything you know about this topic, gift ideas or websites to check out, or deals on this type of stuff I would absolutedly love your help!!! It would really help make Christmas special for a very special girl.


Thanks soooo much for your help!

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Oh god I think Im a fox expert at this point. DBF 7 year old is a fox nut!

Pacsun carries them but the best deals I have found are on eBay! Some sporting goods store carry them also. Most of the fox some comes in Flex fit also. Something I have have found recently are beanie visors. I think they are really popular. I dont know if you will find many deals on them. Your best best besides eBay would be a PacSun outlet.




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