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Ipod Touch 8gb

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I am looking for the best deal for a ipod touch 8mb

also looking to buy with a insurance plan ...do you know who offers additional insurance?

Thanks in advance


I bought the 16gb at Target today and they offered a $30 gift card with purchase and they have 3 years for $30 on the 16gb for insurance. It goes by price.

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Good Deal! I think BB has a great insurance program too (as long as they don't follow Circuit City down bankrupcy lane!). If I had known I would have bought mine there. I bought my macbook there, preferring it over apple for the insurance program.



TRU is 25$ insurance for 18 months on the TOUCH, I know because I bought it last week with the gift card deal they had. I have no idea how good their insurance is, does anybody know? If it's not so good I am thinking I should return it in favor of the best buy deal. How much was the insurance there?



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